The Thomas Love Peacock Society was established:-
     to publish and to publicize the novels and other works of Peacock;
     to foster the study of Peacock's life and works; and
     to promote the literature of classical antiquity and English literature generally.

The Thomas Love Peacock Society was founded in Hobart, Tasmania, in 1996. The web site—designed and edited by Informal—has been growing in size and content steadily since its inception in October,1998.

Peacock Conferences
The Society's first conference on Peacock was held in Hobart, Tasmania, from the 4th to the 7th of July, 2002.
  The Society's second conference will be held sometime in 2010 in Britain or (if willing partners cannot be found therein) in Australia. Papers on all aspects of Peacock's works are sought.

Fine editions of many of Peacock's work are being planned. The TLP society will also publish (in book form) several selections of essays beginning in 2008.

Membership is for twelve months from the date of each subscription. Subscription fees are as follows:
     Annual Membership fee: $25.00;
     Annual Student Membership: $10.00;
     Life membership: $200.00 (or, if you like, more).

  Please send cash, cheques, postal orders, cowrie shells or any other acceptable form of currency to:
     The Thomas Love Peacock Society,
     GPO Box 1189
     Hobart  TAS  7001

Advantages of membership include:

     a membership card;
     annual newsletters and lists of publications (from 2007);
     publications of the society at discounted prices (from 2008); and
     a warm inner glow.

  For more information, please write to: membership (at)

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