articles, essays & monographs on Peacock
by various writers

i. mainly TLP ii. contemporary literature iii. general literature &c. iv. miscellaneous

   i. Relating Mainly to Peacock's Life & Works

Nicholas A. Joukovsky: "Peacock's Sir Oran Haut-ton: Byron's Bear or Shelley's Ape?" republished here, with permission, from Keats-Shelley Journal, Volume 29 (1980)
        -------------        "Thomas Love Peacock's Manuscript 'Poems' of 1804" from Studies in Bibliography, Volume 47 (1994)---off-site.

Sir Walter Raleigh: lecture notes on Thomas Love Peacock from On Writers and Writing. being extracts from his note-books, selected and edited by George Gordon, London. (1926).

   ii. Relating Somewhat to Peacock but Mainly to Contemporaries

Hoxie Neale Fairchild: an extract on Peacock and the Noble Savage from The Noble Savage: A Study in Romantic Naturalism. New York (1961).

C.H. Herford: an extract on Peacock from Ch. VI, "The Novel," in The Age of Wordsworth. London (1960).

   iii. General Literature wherein Peacock Receives Some Notice &c.

Virginia Woolf: an extract on Peacock and The Satirists and the Fantastics from "Phases of Fiction" in Granite and Rainbow. London (1958).

   iv. Miscellaneous Works which Mention Peacock

Benjamin F. Fisher: The Very Spirit of Cordiality: The Literary Uses of Alcohol and Alcoholism in the Tales of Edgar Allan Poe. from The Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore,

Thomas Fleming: Against Free Verse from Libertarian.Org---off-site.

David Musgrave: Aspects of Symposiastic Law in Lindsay's The Magic Pudding from

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